the area

A beautiful part of Europe

Those attempting to find the term ‘Tri-Country Park’ in an atlas will be out of luck. The area has been given this name by the Tri-Country Park project group, a collaboration between nine Dutch, Belgian and German parties. Please visit the project page for more information about the collaboration.

The area's unique qualities can be found in the diversity of its landscapes, the richness of its soil and its many cultural treasures. All within a 50 by 50 kilometre surface. Truly discovering the area means actively exploring it. Experience its cultural and natural diversities, hear a variety of languages, follow animal tracks in forests and fields!

Visit the explore page to find a number of relevant websites, subdivided in themes and areas. We have also selected several highlights and displayed them on the map. In the resident testimonials, local residents give their take on living in the border region.

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Land of Herve

Hiking paradise

5 star hiking paradise at Mount Gulpen

Voer area

Margraten Plateau


Droogdal bij Euverem


view of the Meuse valley

Flags at Tripoint Vaals

Jeker at Maastricht

American Cemetery and Memorial

Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial


Border between Moelingen and Voeren