Agricultural Project

Agricultural Project

Towards a sustainable agricultural future
By eliminating subsidies and advocating free market prices for agricultural products, Europe has been tough on farmers in recent years. Indeed, farmers in the Tri-Country Park have struggled to keep their heads above water. Provincial governments in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion have cooperated to propose solutions, and the Tri-Country Park steering group is also involved.

A working group, comprised of several project group members, outlines the agricultural situation and looks for opportunities to improve farmers' incomes.

Other parties, such as citizens, the farmers themselves, and nature and tourism organisations, are also involved in the process. Together, possible scenarios for sustainable development are discussed, leading to joint (lobbying) actions. Think, for example, of regional product marketing, expansion of farm activities, and green initiatives to benefit nature and landscape.

A plan outlining the steps to be taken towards a sustainable agricultural future for the Tri-Country Park will be delivered in June 2012. Besides, can you imagine the Three Country Park without any agriculture? The farms, mostly stock farms and mixed farms; the multitude of small, often irregular and hilly plots of land; the cows, herds of sheep, and horses; the orchards; the rows of hedges surrounding the fields: all contribute significantly to the area's charm.

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Geul valley

Where the Geul flows naturally again

Land of Herve

Jeker at Maastricht

Flags at Tripoint Vaals


Poppies at Mount St. Peter, calcareous grasslands.

Jeker at Maastricht

Hollow road

Hollow road at Voeren, ideal for badgers

American Cemetery and Memorial

Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial

Land of Herve

Mount Saint Peter