HABITAT Euregion

HABITAT Euregion

A new chance for man and nature in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion.

The Meuse-Rhine Euregion, with the Tri-Country Park as its green heart, is host to three million residents. It is also home to spectacular species such as the wild cat, lynx, beaver, badger, wild boar and red deer. These species use the valleys, rivers, forest and old cultural landscapes in the Tri-Country Park as links between the four National Parks surrounding the area. Many of these areas are part of Natura 2000, the European environmental infrastructure network. Additionally, the areas serve as buffer zones that protect cities and villages against the negative effects of climate change, such as flooding and extreme drought.

How do you ensure that humans, animals, and plants can share the environment in harmony? That is what HABITAT Euregion is all about.

Thirteen nature and landscape organisations from the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium are working together to protect nature and, when possible, meet the needs of modern society at the same time. Think, for example, of the environmentally conscious arrangement of farmlands, forest edges and (field)roads, resulting in habitat improvement. Recreational visitors can enjoy this, too. Another example is the upkeep of green corridors, such as stream, river, and dry valleys in the Voer region, the Heuvelland, the High Fens and the Meuse valley. Barriers that restrict the movement and distribution of wildlife - think of roads, railroads, and industrial areas - are identified and, when possible, eliminated, for example by constructing an ecotunnel.

HABITAT Euregion aims to strengthen transboundary cooperation and looks for parties to jointly seize opportunities. The establishment of the Euroregional Platform for Nature has allowed for an exchange of ideas and experiences on conservation and development. These ideas and actions are communicated to citizens, governments and environmental organizations. Additionally, the projects and ideas are stored in a catalogue, which can inspire project partners to consider transboundary cooperation even after the three year HABITAT Euregion period has passed.

For more information: www.habitateuregio.eu

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Neubourg castle in Gulpen

Visitor centre

Visitor centre Roode Beek Schinveld

Voer area

Voer area near Schopem

Heuvelland hay

Hikers and cyclists

Recreational traffic on a beautiful spring day

Mount Saint Peter


view of the Meuse valley


Droogdal bij Euverem

(Gem. Gulpen-Wittem)