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Projects are started based on the guidelines laid out in the Development Plan. There are large, executive projects, such as Aquadra and Habitat, as well as smaller ones, such as the issuing of transboundary walking route maps and the connection of regional cycling networks. The role of the Tri-Country Park group in initiating these projects can be large, minimal, or even non-existent, as was the case with the Via Belgica project. Regardless, the project fits perfectly within the goals of the Tri-Country Park and deserves to be highlighted here.

Do you have an idea involving transboundary cooperation that matches our vision, or do you think the Tri-Country Park can be of interest to you in one way or another? For instance, perhaps the project can help you find partners abroad? If so, do not hesitate to contact the project group using the contact button.

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Hollow road

Hollow road at Voeren, ideal for badgers

Visitor centre

Visitor centre Roode Beek Schinveld

Mount Saint Peter

Jeker at Maastricht

Outskirts of Voerendaal

View of Heerlen

Hiking paradise

5 star hiking paradise at Mount Gulpen

Keutenberg (Mount Keuten)

Voer area

Heuvelland hay

Droogdal bij Euverem

(Gem. Gulpen-Wittem)