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The Tri-Country Park project started in 2001. During the first phase, between 2002 and 2005, the project received subsidies through the Meuse-Rhine Euregion Interreg IIIa fund.

In 2003 the Development Plan, containing the vision for the project, was finalised.

In 2005 the international project group decided that the second phase, from 2006 until 2010, should rely on means made available by the partners, in anticipation of new funds provided through Interreg IV. In 2009 the Aquadra project was awarded Interreg-subsidies; in 2010 the Habitat Euregion project was also made a recipient.

The partners recognise the importance of working together to protect the green heart of the Euregion. Therefore they will once again invest in the Tri-Country Park in the years 2011-2015. They will supply financial means, team members and time.

The Dutch province of supplied a project manager and meeting facilities in the past. The Secretariat-General of the Benelux Economic Union has supported the project from the very beginning. Today the project management is associated with the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, which also provides interpretation and translation facilities.

The Tri-Country Park partnership functions as a framework for cooperation across borders. It brings all parties together in executing the guidelines laid out in the Development Plan. In doing so, combinations are made (between projects, countries and partners) to strive for Interreg eligibility.

The Tri-Country Park project is supported by a project group and a steering group. The project group gathers between five and six times each year to discuss current events and projects, the yearly planning, and subsidy requests. The steering group meets once or twice each year and decides on matters of planning, proposals from the project group, and financing.

Three countries, nine partners and over fifty participants from government and interest groups in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion cooperate within the Tri-Country Park framework.
Roughly ten years ago, transboundary cooperation was far from a given. The Tri-Country Park project has changed that.Cooperating across borders is not always easy, especially since each country has its own decision making process. Nevertheless, no matter how much water must pass through the Meuse before a decision can be made, the final result is what counts.

The partners from Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands are:

Allow the project group members to introduce themselves:

Anja Brüll, Project leader
Stichting Euregio Maas-Rijn






‘Growing up near the Three-Countries-Point I roamed the woods and meadows of our neighboring countries in my childhood. This multi-faceted area with its exceptional landscape has a special place in my heart. Today my family and I enjoy exploring the area by bicycle, on foot or with canoes. There are always lovely views, exciting history and cultural highlights, plants, animals and regional products to discover. So, in my new job as project leader, I am very pleased to be able to champion the quality of the open space and the uniqueness of its landscapes, in cooperation with many other partners and actors.’

Udo Thorwesten
Udo Thorwesten
A70 Umweltamt – untere Landschaftsbehörde
StädteRegion Aachen

'When I buy local products, I help to protect the environment. During the yearly harvest festival in the district of Aachen visitors are introduced to old European crops. In fact, Europe is very motivated to promote local products. I feel good when I am in the Tri-Country Park. Family, work, groceries, holidays and leisure time: everything is on offer and well balanced. The richness and variety of the landscape continues to guarantee new discoveries.'

Elvira Jacques
Elvira Jacques

Coordinator Nature Development Limburg
Transboundary project GEB and 3LP
Nature and Forest Agency

'Up until 2010, the amount of real action we were able to take was limited. Today, however, the public can see the fruits of our labour through, for example, the Aquadra and Habitat Euregion projects.'

Leo Bracke

Leo Bracke

Engineer-Architect-Urban Planner
Environmental Planning – Planning and Policy
Province of Limburg (B)

'Working together to promote the Tri-Country Park is a rewarding experience. Even though the process has its ups and downs, the future will show that our involvement in this project was the right choice to make.'

Diandra Hupkens
Projectadviseur Communicatie
Afdeling Communicatie en Public Affairs
Province of Limburg (NL)

'The Tri-Country Park project represents the ultimate in intercultural communications: Communicating with, in and between three countries and various partners for a common goal!'

Petra Sommerfeldt

Regional Planning and Transboundary Planning
District of Köln

'How can we let people experience the Tri-Country Park? That is our main goal. For example, nature groups could organise nighttime walks to listen to bird songs, or language trips for language enthousiasts, or culinary walks for foodies.'

Inga Klawitter
Officer for Regional Development
Ministry of the German-speaking Community
Department of External Relations

'Ich wohne noch nicht lange in der Region und habe mich sehr darüber gefreut, in eine Gegend zu ziehen, die landschaftlich und kulturell so interessant ist. In unmittelbarer Nähe von mehreren Grenzen zu wohnen bringt eine große Vielfalt mit sich, und ich finde es sehr schön, jeden Tag mehr über meine Umgebung und Nachbarn zu lernen. Die Projektgruppe und die Arbeitsgruppe Kommunikation des Dreiländerparks geben mir die Möglichkeit, ständig neue Einblicke in diese Vielfalt zu bekommen, und in meiner Freizeit genieße ich mit dem Fahrrad oder zu Fuß die variantenreiche Landschaft von der Provinz Limburg, über die Städteregion Aachen, die Provinz Lüttich mit dem Herver Land, bis hin zum Hohen Venn und den belgischen Ardennen. Ich freue mich darauf, auch in Zukunft mehr über das interessante Projekt Dreiländerpark zu lernen und die Arbeit am Projekt zu unterstützen!'

Raymond Tilmans
Projectingenieur Groen
Cluster Natuur
Provincie Limburg (NL)






'Vom Dreiländerpark fühle ich mich als Einwohner und als Mitglied der Projektgruppe unmittelbar angesprochen. Seit meinem Studium interessiere ich mich für grenzüberschreitende Aspekte in den Bereichen Natur und Landschaft. Glücklicherweise konnte ich dies auch in meinem Beruf weiter fortsetzen. Obwohl ich vielseitig interessiert bin, habe ich mittlerweile eine Expertise im Bereich Habitatverbindungen entwickelt und habe auch international ein großes Netzwerk, mit dem ich Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen austausche. Angesichts der Herausforderungen, vor denen wir als Dreiländerpark in den kommenden Jahren stehen, kann dies von großem Nutzen sein. Ich bin sehr motiviert, an der Projektgruppe teilzunehmen und empfinde es als Privileg, dass ich zu den Missionen des Dreiländerparks beitragen kann.'

Madame Emmanuelle Bisteau
DGO3 – Département d’Etude du Milieu Naturel et Agricole
Direction de la Nature et de l’EauService Public de Wallonie

Monsieur Etienne Grisard
Premier Assistant, Contrôleur des traveaux
DGO3 - Département de la Ruralité et des Cours d’eau
Direction des Cours d’eau non navigableService Public de Wallonie

Madame Véronique Hames
DGO4 – Département de l’Aménagement du territoire et de l’Urbanisme
Direction de l’Aménagement localService Public de Wallonie

Madame Fabienne Nyssen
DirectriceParc naturel Hautes Fagnes-Eifel
Province de Liège

Herr Elmar Wiezorek
Fachbereich 36 Umwelt -  Leiter
Stadt Aachen

De heer Aad Blokland
Senior Beleidsmedewerker Natuur en Landschap
Cluster NatuurProvincie Limburg (NL)


In a way, the Tri-Country Park project functions as a transboundary dating agency. Do you have an idea involving transboundary cooperation that matches our vision, or do you think the Tri-Country Park can be of interest to you in one way or another? For instance, perhaps the project can help you find partners abroad? If so, do not hesitate to contact the project group using the above contact button, or get in touch with one of the group members directly.

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Voer area

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