the project

Collaborating across borders

Future generations should also be able to enjoy all that the 'green heart' of the Meuse-Rhine Euregion has to offer. That, in essence, is what the Tri-Country Park project is all about. In 2003, nine partners in three countries created a visionary plan laying out common guidelines for a sustainable future: the Tri-Country Park Development Perspective. The plan is at the base of a collaboration that protects the area's unique qualities and aims to develop them even further.

For more background information on the origin, proceedings and financing of the project, please visit the what, who, how page, where the project partners introduce themselves. Perhaps you will even see an opportunity for future collaborations?

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American Cemetery and Memorial

Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial

Geul valley

Where the Geul flows naturally again

Voer area near Schopem


Visitor centre

Visitor centre Roode Beek Schinveld

Herve cheese

Hikers and cyclists

Recreational traffic on a beautiful spring day


Neubourg castle in Gulpen