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Do you live in or somewhere between Liège, Tongeren, Hasselt, Heerlen, Aachen, Eupen, Verviers and Maastricht? If so, then you live in the Tri-Country Park. Did you know that? The area between and surrounding these cities is a beautiful, open space. It is also a very diverse area: fields, hills, forests, moorlands, villages, castles, rivers, streams, caves... You can do all kinds of things here: walking, cycling, and even skiing. On top of all that, you can also hear three different languages and experience three different cultures in the area. You do not have to travel far to visit a completely different world!

These pages will tell you more about the Tri-Country Park. Maybe you will get an idea for a trip, or plan to write a school report on the area. Or you could write a report on the project itself: the three countries that work together to keep the green heart as beautiful and open as it is today.

For more information about the project and the area, click on a first look.

The what is where page tells you more about the sights you can visit, such as beautiful areas of nature or places where something special has happened in the past.

Do you want to know how other children feel about living in the Tri-Country Park? Check out the experience the Tri-Country Park page.

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Droogdal bij Euverem

American Cemetery and Memorial

Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial

American Cemetery and Memorial

Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial


Border between Moelingen and Voeren

Voer area

Herve cheese


Geul valley

Where the Geul flows naturally again